Responses are written to the Tracking item after you open them in your Inbox. Only the most recent vote of the person is shown.

Figure 7.6 - The Tracking item is opened in the Art Approval folder.

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When creating applications with Message forms, you often create Reply actions that open custom forms instead of the standard Message form. For example, the Vacation Request form has two custom actions: the Approve Vacation action activates the Vacation Approved form, and the Deny Vacation action activates the Vacation Denied form.

In this section, we create custom Reply actions for Message forms. Throughout this section, we use the Vacation Request application for examples of how to implement Reply actions with Message forms. To open the Vacation Request folder

• In the Folder List, expand the Building Microsoft Outlook 2002 Applications folder and then expand the Building Blocks folder. Then click the Vacation Request folder.

If you haven't installed the Building Microsoft Outlook 2002 Applications folder, see the Introduction of this book for instructions.

Overview of the Vacation Request Application

The Vacation Request application consists of four forms: Vacation Request, Vacation Approved, Vacation Denied, and Vacation Report. All forms are intentionally left unhidden in this folder so you can view

To view a Vacation Request form

1. On the Actions menu, view the forms at the bottom of the menu.

2. Click New Vacation Request.

Vacation Request form The form opens in Compose page. The user can compose a Vacation Request item and send it to his supervisor. When the receiving supervisor opens the form from her Inbox, she sees the Vacation Request Read page. It contains the Approve Vacation and Deny Vacation buttons, as shown in Figure 7-7.

-This action button opens the Vacation Approved form

■This action button opens the Vacation Denied form

& Vacation Request: Fiom 2/15/2001 to 2/16/2001 - Vacation Request (Rich Te«t)

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Approve Vacation Deny Vacation ^

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