Figure 1.4 - The Company form.

Figure 1.4 - The Company form.

Folder Applications

Folders in Outlook are generally used for the following purposes:

® To facilitate online discussions about a particular topic, as demonstrated with the Product Ideas folder. * To store, organize, and share Information, as demonstrated with the Classified Ads and Training Management folders. ® To record and track Information that Is constantly updated, as demonstrated with the Northwlnd Contact Management application. Folders Based on Built-in Modules

With built-in modules such as Appointments, Tasks, and Contacts, Instant workgroup solutions can be created simply by creating a folder In public folders. The folder can then be modified for the specific purpose of your workgroup or organization. The following sections offer a few Ideas for the types of applications you can build based on built-in module folders.

Beta Contacts Folder

With the Beta Contacts folder, managers can post contacts for a beta testing program. The Beta Contacts folder, as shown In Figure 1-5, Is based on the built-in Contacts module.

[e; Beta Contacts - Microsoft Outlook

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