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Alfreds Futterkiste

Bólido Comidas preparadas

corne d'abondance, La

BusinessPhone (¡030)007-4321 Business Fax (030)007-6545 Business Address ObereStr57 12209 Berlin Germany

Business Phone (91) 555 22 82 Business Fas (PI) 555 91 99 Business Address C/ Araquii, 67 28023 Madrid Spain

Business Phone Business Fax Business Address 67, avenue de l'Europe 78000 Versailles France

Ana Tnijiilu Emparedados y helado

Bon app'

BusinessPhone (5)555-4729 Business Fax (5) 555-3745 Business Address Avda delaC^;.

Mexico D.F. Mf

Antonio Moreno Taquería

BusinessPhone (5)555-2932

BusinessAddress Mataderos 2312 05023 Mexico D.F

Busine s s Fhone 91.24.45 40 Business Fax 91.24 45.41 Business Address 12, rue des Bouchers 13008 Marseille France

Cracker Box, The

Business Phone (406) 555-5834

Business Address 55 Grmdy FeakRd. Butte, MT 59801 USA

Bottnni-Dollar Markets

Die Wandernde Kuh

Business Phone (Ö04l 555-4729

BusinessPhone 0711-020301

ffl Local intranet

Figure 1.6 - Exchange 2000 supports Web access for folders based on the built-in Contacts module. Discussion Folders

Most often, Discussion folders serve as a central location for users to submit, share, and respond to ideas and information. Discussion folders feature views with threaded conversations, so users can view the history of responses to a particular item.

Product Ideas Folder

The Product Ideas folder makes it possible for users to post and respond to new product ideas. In addition, users can post responses to product idea responses. Responses to a particular item are indented and placed underneath the original item, creating the threaded conversation view.

Training Management Folder

The Training Management folder makes it possible for training personnel to post Course Catalog items in the folder, as shown in Figure 1-7. After a Course Catalog item is posted, training personnel can post a Course Offering item as a response to the Course Catalog item. Users completing a course can post an Evaluation item as a response to the Course Offering item.

K Training Management: - Microsoft Outlook

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