Copy the Folder to Public Folders

Now that you've created forms and views for the Beta Contacts folder, and you've tested the folder to make sure it works as planned, you copy the folder from the Design Environment personal folder (.pst) file to public folders so the folder can be shared by a workgroup or across the entire organization. Before you copy the folder, you might want to check with your administrator to determine the best location for the folder. In addition, you might need to get administrative permission to copy the folder to its destination in Public Folders.

To copy the Beta Contacts folder

1. In the Folder List, click the Beta Contacts folder.

2. On the File menu, point to Folder and then click Copy Beta Contacts.

3. In the Copy The Selected Folder To The Folder box, click the location you want the folder copied to, such as All Public Folders, and then click OK.

For more information about distributing folders, see Chapter 13.

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