Copy the Folder to Public Folders

After adding forms, defining views, and testing their functionality, you are ready to copy your folder to Public Folders. You can then complete the folder design by designating typesof items allowed in the folder, setting permissions, setting administration properties, and specifying rules. This step is necessary only if you started the folder design process with a personal folder or a mailbox folder, and not with a public folder.

Depending on the policies of your organization, you might not have permission to add a folder to Public Folders. You might be required to hand off the folder to your administrator, who then copies the folder and completes the design task according to your specifications. Perhaps you'll be given permission to copy your folder to a specific public folder and then complete the task yourself. See your administrator for specific instructions.

To copy the folder to a new location

1. In the Folder List, right-click the folder, and then click Copy Folder Name on the shortcut menu.

2. Select the public folder you want to copy the folder to, and then click OK.

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