About the Control Toolbox

The Control Toolbox identifies the controls you can add to a Frame or page of a form. You can customize the Control Toolbox in many ways, including the following:

• Add pages to the Control Toolbox. Right-click on the Control Toolbox page tab, and select the NewPage command.

• Move controls from one page in the Control Toolbox to another. Right-click on the Control Toolbox page tab, and select the Move command.

• Rename Control Toolbox pages. Right-click on the Control Toolbox page tab, and select the Rename command.

• Change the properties of a control in the Control Toolbox. Right-click on the icon for the control, and select the Customize <ControlName> command. You can change the ToolTip text for the control and the image that represents the control.

• Add other controls—including ActiveX controls—to the Control Toolbox. Right-click in the body of the Control Toolbox, and select the Custom Controls command.

• Copy modified controls from a form to the Control Toolbox. Use the selection tool to select a group of controls, and drag them to the Control Toolbox to create a controls template. Drag the controls template from the Control Toolbox to a form in design mode to re-create the controls.

• Import or export all the controls on a pagein the Control Toolbox. Right-click on the Control Toolbox tab, and select the ImportPage or ExportPage command. Toolbox pages are saved with the .pag extension.

Exchange 2000 URLs

One of the core features of Exchange 2000 is that you can use URLs to access all items in public and private folders. You do not need to use the cumbersome and error-prone tilde (-subject) convention shown earlier to open an item with a URL. The cmd parameter in the URL tells Exchange 2000 to perform an action (such as new or open) or to open the item using a specified

Here are some valid examples of Exchange 2000 URLs:

http://corpmsg-01/exchange/RByrne/Contacts/FriedmanFern.eml?Cmd=open http:// corpmsg-01/public/Product%20ldeas/Kayak%20Construction%20Kits.EML http://me3/apps/rpa/?cmd=new

http://me3/apps/rpa/{8FF20CF7- 7D10-4F76-909B-3CFDA 66D96A0}.EML ?cmd=open http://corpmsg-05/public/exec/financials/2001 Q3Budget.xls http://smf-msg-03/workflow/governor/budget/fy2002title238.eml?cmd=docprep.asp

When you add a control to a form by using the Control Toolbox, the control is not initially bound to a field.

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