What Does VBA Have to Do with Macros

VBA is a programming language designed specifically for creating application macros. That sounds intimidating, I'm sure, but VBAs biggest advantage is that it's just plain easier to use than most programming languages. If you don't want to do any programming, VBA enables you to record macros and attach them to buttons either inside a document or on the Quick Access Toolbar (as you'll see in Chapter 1). You also can create your own dialog boxes by "drawing" the appropriate controls onto a document. Other visual tools enable you to customize the Ribbon as well, so you have everything you need to create simple scripts without writing a line of code.

Of course, if you want to truly unleash VBA's capabilities, you'll need to augment your interface with programming code. That sounds pretty fancy, but the VBA language is constructed in such a way that it's fairly easy to get started and to figure things out as you go along. More than any other programming language, VBA enables you to do productive things without climbing a huge learning curve.

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