Shutting Down the Visual Basic Editor

When you've completed your VBA chores, you can shut down the Visual Basic Editor by using either of the following techniques:

■ Pull down the File menu and select the Close and Return to Application command, where Application is the name of the program you're running (such as Microsoft Excel).

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■ To learn about using variables in your VBA code, see Chapter 3, "Understanding Program Variables," p. 33.

■ For a complete look at the MsgBox function, see "Getting Input Using MsgBox," p. 45.

■ To get the details on expressions, see Chapter 4, "Building VBA Expressions," p. 53.

Shutting Down the Visual Basic Editor 31

■ For information on object properties, see "Working with Object Properties," p. 73.

■ For information on object methods, see "Working with Object Methods," p. 75.

■ To learn techniques such as renaming, exporting, and deleting modules, see "Working with Modules," p. 299.

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