Closing All Open Documents

Later in this book you'll learn how to create workspaces—collections of Word documents that you open as a unit. Before you open a workspace, it's a good idea to close all your open documents. You might also want to close all your open documents to get a fresh start with Word. In previous versions of Word you could do this by holding down the Shift key, pulling down the File menu, and then selecting the Close All command. Unfortunately, that trick no longer works in Word 2007. The other alternative is to shut down and restart Word, but that's often time-consuming. A faster method is to use the macro in Listing 7.3.

The Close All command still exists in Word,but it's not part of the Ribbon.To add it to the Quick Access Toolbar, pull down the Customize Quick Access toolbar list and click More Commands. In the Choose Commands From list, click All Commands,scroll down the list of commands,and click Close All.Click Add and then click OK.

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