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If you have a recent edition of VB .NET, Visual Basic, or Visual Studio (2005 and up), you can use the XML editor that is a component of these programs. If you have the Express Edition of Visual Basic 2005, SQL Server 2005, or Visual Web Developer 2005 (free downloads from the Visual Studio page of the Microsoft web site found here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/ express/vb/download/), these editions of VB and SQL Server also contain XML editors. See Figure 15.4 later in this chapter for a view of XML code in this editor.


The XSL Output tab of the XML Notepad 2007 editor.

XI XML Notepad - E:\DocumerrtAWritiriq\Wiley\Office Book\Sample DatabosesWB 6 COM Add-in (Rrbbon)NLrstFields I a II El 11^3.1

File Edit View Insert Window Help

J U ud * i£ X 1 ii SI -1

Tree View XSL Output |

X3LT Location: I ■■■ I I Transform J •

-<customUI> -■cribbon startFromScratch—'false"> -<tabs>

-<tab id="dbCustomTab" label="List Fields" visible ="true"> -<group id =,dbüstingOptionsGroüp" label="Listing Options">

<button id—"btnListTableFields" label—"List Table Fields" enabled—"true"

imageMso-Table" size="normal" QnAction="LjstTableFields"/> <button id="btnListQueryFields,r label="List Query Fields" enabled="true" imageMso-'AccessNewQueryDesign" size-'normal" onAction="ListQueryFields"/> </group> </tab> <^tabs> </ribbon > </customUI>

Error List |

1 Description File Line Column

Loaded in 00:00:00.2500000

0 0

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