Using the Upsizing Wizard

Access 2007 includes a handy tool for converting Access tables to SQL Server tables and (if desired) some Access queries to SQL Server stored procedures: the Upsizing Wizard. You can take a minimalist approach, and just convert your Access tables to SQL Server tables linked to the Access database, using the familiar Access interface as a front end; or you can convert the interface portion of the database to a project with a SQL Server back end. Converting just the tables is fine if you intend to use your Access forms, queries, and reports in an Access front end, and you just want to store your data in a SQL Server back end.

If you want to convert your Access database to an Access project front end with a SQL Server back end so that you can make design changes to SQL Server tables and views and work with SQL Server objects such as database diagrams, stored procedures, and user-defined functions, then you should convert the interface objects as well as the data tables, selecting the Client/Server option when upsizing the database.

The following sections illustrate both upsizing approaches.

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