Using the Extras Addin

After installing the Extras 2007.accda add-in, you can run its three menu add-ins from the Add-Ins menu, which is found in the Database Tools group on the Database Tools Ribbon.

If you are creating an add-in that can be used in several versions of Access (it doesn't need any special new features of Access 2007, and doesn't create menus or toolbars that will only work in older versions), create the add-in in an older format, so it can run in both the older version(s) and Access 2007. The LNC Rename.mda add-in will run in any version of Access from Access 2000 through Access 2007, at least if you are running on Windows XP.

Signing Add-in Code with a Digital Signature — Not!

You may be used to signing code in Access 2003 (or earlier) databases with a digital signature (see the "Creating a Digital Signature for Signing Your Access VBA Code" Sidebar in Chapter 12 for details on how to create your personal digital signature). It might seem like a good idea to sign an Access 2007 add-in's code with a digital signature—but if you try it, you will run into roadblocks. After creating a personal digital signature, if you try to select the signature from Tools, Digital Signature in the add-in's module window, you will get a lengthy and puzzling message (see the figure below). Note that the .accda format is not mentioned.

Extras 2007


Extras 2007 cannot save the digital signature at this time.

* You may be in a database under Source Code Control.

* You may be in a database which is read only.

*The database uses either the *.accdb or *,accde file name extension. To sign such a data Office Button, point to the Publish menu, and then dick Package and Sign,

ase, dick the Microsoft

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You can follow the instructions for an .accdb database, and select File, Publish, Package and Sign from the library database, select the digital signature, and create a signed package (it will have the .accdc extension). But if you attempt to install the .accdc file as an add-in, you will get an "Unrecognized database format" error message, and you can't install the signed package file. Thus (at the present time, at least) there is no way to digitally sign an Access 2007 add-in library database.

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