Tips on Addin Construction

When creating Wizard-type add-ins, you can make then more user-friendly by modeling their appearance after the built-in Access add-ins. Access 2007 has many new interface features, but the wizards look much the same as in earlier versions (Access 97-2003), though there may be some cosmetic differences if you are running Office 2007 over Windows Vista. To make your Wizard forms look like the familiar Access wizards and builders, use the settings listed here:

■ Set forms' AutoCenter property to Yes.

■ Turn record selectors off.

■ Set scroll bars to Neither.

■ Turn navigation buttons off.

■ If your wizard has several forms, make sure that controls used on more than one form in a series of wizard screens appear in the same place on each form.

■ Make all the wizard forms dialog boxes by setting their Modal property to Yes, PopUp to Yes, and BorderStyle to Dialog, so the user can't move to the next box until the current one has been filled in.

■ Copy wizard images from the Access wizards, save them as image files, and place them on your wizard forms.

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