The VBScript Help File

As mentioned in Chapter 9, Microsoft has provided a Help file for VBScript that is a model of good design and usefulness (unlike the Help files for Office 2007); to get this Help file, download the Microsoft Windows Script 5.6 Documentation file from the Microsoft Web site at http://www 6-1C4 0 9 9D7BBB9&displaylang=en.

The Help file (script56.chm) is a compiled HTML Help file, which can be opened in both Windows XP and Windows Vista. Unlike the MSE's own Help file, the script56.chm file is available whether or not you are connected to the Internet, although you do have to have a connection to download the file.

For working with WSH scripts, the VBScript Language Reference and Windows Script Host Help books are of the most use; they are shown opened in the Help file in Figure 17.9, with the Windows Script Host Object Model Help topic selected.


The Windows Scripting Technologies Help file.

gy Windows Scripting Technologies

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- (jj Microsoft Windows Script Technologie B ^s JScript (Windows Script Technologies) B Iß VBScript

Si ^ VBSeript User's Guide B iß] VBScript Language Reference E ^t Feature information (VBScript) El ^ Constants (VBScript} B ^ Errors (VBScript) B ^ Events (VBScript) B ^ Functions (VBScript) Ü] Keywords (VBScript) B % Methods (VBScript) 0 ^ Miscellaneous E ^t Objects and Collections B ^ Operators (VBScript) B % Properties (VBScript) E Statements (VBScript) B (12 Script Runtime B ^ Dictionary Object B ^t FiieSystemObject B ^ Script EncoderOverview E ^^ Script Components B tU Windows Script Host

B tü Getting Started (Windows Script Host) What's New in WSH 5.6 ?] Upgrading Windows Script Host

Document Conventions (Windows Script Host) ?] WSH Version information E tU Windows Script Host Basics E ^ What Is WSH?

B ♦ Creating Scripts that Can Be Used by WSH

a jpanBHHHHH

EJ ^ Running Your Scripts

Windows Script Host Object Model

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: object model consists of 14 objects, The root object is

Object Model Illustration on that follows represents the Windows Script Host Object Model

WshControiler Wsh Remote

I WshRemoteError Wsh Network

WshShell WshShortcut

WshUriShortCut WshEnvironment I Ws hSpec ialFoide rs

The Windows Script Host object model provides a logical, systematic way to perform many administrative tasks. The set of COM interfaces it provides car be placed into two main categories:

• Script Execution and Troubleshooting

This set of interfaces allows scripts to perform basic manipulation of the Windows Script Host, output messages to the screen, and perform basic COM functions such as CreateObject and GetObject.

• Helper Functions

For help on using the MSE itself, open its Help file from the Help button on the editors menu, then select "Microsoft Script Editor Help" to open a page of MSE-related Help topic selections, as shown in Figure 17.10.

There is a good deal of overlap between the Help file available from the MSE and the one downloaded from the Scripting web page, but in my opinion the downloaded Help file is much easier to use, because of the hierarchical tree-type topic list, so if you have the option of opening this Help file in Windows XP, I recommend you use it; otherwise, if you are connected to the Internet, you can use the MSE Help file.

The Microsoft Script Editor Help topics.

The Microsoft Script Editor Help topics.

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