The Outlook Object Model

Because of the limited options for exporting Access data to Outlook, I prefer to use VBA Automation code to export Access data to Outlook objects. To export Access data to Outlook, you need to understand the Outlook object model.

The Outlook 2007 object model has a number of new components; they are listed in the MSDN article "What's New for Developers in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (Part 1 of 2)," which you can download from the following link: ms772422.aspx#officeoutlook2 007whatsnewdeveloperspart1_enhancements.

The Outlook object model doesn't represent the Outlook interface as closely as the object models of other Office components; instead of representing contacts, mail messages, tasks, appointments, and other familiar Outlook objects directly in the object model, these components must be accessed indirectly, via the Items collection of a Folder object, using specific named constants to reference or create the specific item types. Folders are accessed through the curiously named NameSpace object (representing the data stored in Outlook folders), which makes for some very unintuitive code.

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    Where do i find outlook object model in Access 2007 VBA?
    8 years ago

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