In this chapter you have learned about some new features of Access 2007, especially those related to producing Access reports to display data stored in Access tables. But sometimes you need to display your data in Word documents or Excel worksheets, rather than Access reports; or you may need to create Outlook appointments, tasks, contacts, or mail messages, using Access as a control center for working with Office documents.

When you need to produce Word documents, Excel worksheets, or Outlook items, either to make use of the special features of these Office components or to distribute your data in formats that can be used by everyone who has Office, you have two options: use the built-in Export selections on the Ribbon, or write VBA code to create the Office documents and fill them with Access data. The next three chapters describe how to create Word documents, Excel worksheets or charts, and Outlook items, and fill them with Access data.


Access data.

If you need to produce documents with more sophisticated formatting than is available in an Access report, your best option is to create Word documents and fill them with data from Access. There are many ways to export data from Access to Word; which one to use depends on the circumstances, the type of data to export, and user preferences. This chapter discusses the various types of Word documents you can create and the methods you can use to fill them with data, with basic examples.

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