Although not part of Office, WSH scripts are a useful addition to VBA code running from within Office applications, for tasks such as running daily backups, ensuring that users make documents and worksheets from the right templates, and copying setup files to the right folder. Because these scripts use a dialect of VBScript that will run in the last few versions of Windows as well as Vista, they are very useful when you need to perform an action, or a series of actions, in different boot partitions or on different computers, running different versions of Windows.

You can store data directly in an Access database, but Access also has the capability of storing and retrieving data using other database engines, including Microsoft SQL Server. Storing data directly in an Access database works fine for most database applications that would be used by individuals or small businesses. However, an organization that needs to store gigabytes of data (say, data on the entire population of the U.S. for marketing purposes or scientific data from thousands of studies) needs to use a SQL Server back end, rather than storing data in an Access database. Additionally, any organization concerned about keeping its data secure can benefit from the extra security features that SQL Server provides. But storing your data in SQL Server doesn't mean that you have to abandon the familiar Access interface: even when you use SQL Server for data storage, you can still use Access to develop the application's interface.

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