Ribbon checkbox on the Personalize page of the Word Options dialog Figure

To add the choices for a drop-down or combo box list, switch to Design mode by clicking the Design button in the Controls group, select the control, and then select Properties from the Controls group on the Developer tab, as depicted in Figure 2.15.


Turning on the Developer tab on the Word Ribbon.

Word Options [Tl^

1 Personalize

I1 Change the most popular options in Word.


Top options for working with Word

IS Show Mini Toolbar on selection®

Customization Add-Ins

ScreenTip Scheme: Show enhanced ScreenTips j " j

¡Zl Enable Live Preview®

E?l Show Developer tab in the Ribbon (0

[WfiJpen e-mail attachments in Full Screen Reading view

Trust Center

Color Scheme: Windows Vista [gray) |


Personalize your copy of Office

User name: | Helen Feddema

Initials: | HF

Choose the languages you want to use with Office [ Language Settings,,, |

< 1-[U- 1 »


Opening a control's Properties sheet.

Phone:- ■ (555) ■ 111-2222U 1i jj'DOCP RO P ERTY-Lette rDat e-W


¡•DOCPROPERTy»RecipientAddressAf{§DOCFROFER"IY- RedpietttZçj-fi f

Dearl-DOCPROPERTV-Salutation-V^II Ï



Add the choices for the drop-down list in the Properties sheet (see Figure 2.16). To add a choice, click the Add button, enter the display name and value, and click OK; repeat for each selection you want to add to the list.


Adding choices for a drop-down list content control.

Content Control Properties I f |hS3»|


n Use a different style for text in this control

Style: j Default Paragraph Font | [

IH Content control cannot be deleted [H Contents cannot be edited Drop-Down List Properties

Display Name Value


Choose an item.

1 U-tf.. I

Add Choice

1 m H-E3-I

Display Name! j Kentucky

Value: Kentucky

1 1

| Cancel |

0 0

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