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From 006/05/2 6/CustomUIeditor.aspx you can download the Custom UI Editor Tool, for use in writing XML code to customize the Office 2007 Ribbon.

I installed this utility, attempted to open a saved XML file in it (one that opened fine in the VB 2005 Express XML editor and XML Notepad 2007), and got a message that the file contains corrupted data. However, I was able to copy XML code to the clipboard and paste it into the editor window. The Custom UI Editor (see Figure 15.3) is not as useful for editing XML Ribbon code as either the VB 2005 XML Editor or XML Notepad 2007, so I would recommend using one of those editors instead.

If you have Visual Studio 2005 (any edition), use its built-in XML editor; otherwise, I recommend the XML Notepad 2007 editor for working with XML code.


XML code in the Office 2007 Custom UI Editor.

1 - UskU^I

^ Custom UI |

CcustcmOI xmlns=whttp://scliemas .microsoft. com/of f ice/2006/01/customui"> <ribbon startFromScratcli=,*false"> <tabs>

<tab id=" dbCust oral ab" label="List Fields™ visible-"true">

<group id="dbLi s tingOptionsGraup" label=*Listing Options">

<button id="btnListTableFields" label="Lisfc Table Fields" enabled=,,truen ima g eMs o-"Table" size="normal"

onAction="ListTableFields,l'/> <button id="btnListQueryFields" label="List Query Fields" enabled—1"true"

imageMso="AccessNewQueryDesign" size="normal"


</group> </tab> </tabs> </ribbon> < / cus t oraUI >|

No document is currently opened...

Ln 25 Col 12

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