Mailing Labels

Sheets of mailing labels are very suitable for mail merge; you can select three types of Avery mailing labels (Mail Merge type) from the Select Document combo box on frmMergeToWord. If you select the Avery 5160 Labels (Mail Merge) document, you will get a Word document like the one shown in Figure 6.23.

The Avery labels documents look (and work) exactly the same whether produced by mail merge or the TypeText method, so I prefer to use the TypeText method, because it is much simpler to set up a plain labels document than a mail merge document; all you have to do is create a labelstype document in Word, whereas creating a mail merge document requires manually linking to a data source and inserting merge fields.


An Avery 5161 mailing labels merge document filled with Access data.


Setting Mailing Labels Word

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