Form Field Documents

Sometimes you need to create documents that display some data from Access and also allow users to enter more data in a controlled fashion. This can be done using either bookmarks or doc properties to display the Access data, and Word content controls (called form fields in earlier versions of Word) for the user-entered data.

The third button on frmContacts creates a letter filled with data from Access, using doc properties; additionally, the template has two form fields, to be filled in by the user when creating the document. Of course, users can just type text into a document, but form fields allow the developer to limit the information to a selection of appropriate values, perhaps in a protected document section that does not allow free-form entry.

To insert a content control into a template, select the control type from the Controls group on the Developer tab of the Ribbon, as shown in Figure 2.13.


Inserting a dropdown-type content control.


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