The final screen of the ODBC SQL Server Setup Wizard.

ODBC Microsoft SQL Server Setup |«E3«|

A new ODBC data source will be created with the following configuration:

Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver Version 06.00.5600

Data Source Name: Ad venture Woiks

Data Source Description: Adventure Woiks SQL


Database: Ad venture Works

Language: (Default)

Translate Character Data: Yes

Log Long Running Queries: No

Log Driver Statistics: No

Use Regional Settings: No

Prepared Statements Option: Drop temporary procedures on disconnect

Use Failover Server: No

Use ANSI Quoted Identifiers: Yes

Use ANSI Null, Paddings and Warnings: Yes j°4tach Database Rename: J:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL


Data Encryption: No

12. You should get the success screen depicted in Figure 18.60.

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