Choosing to link to the data source.

Get External Data - ODBC Database




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Specify bow and where you want to store the data in the current database.

O Import the source data into a new table In the current database.

If the spedfied object does not exist, Access will create it, If the specified object already exists, Access will append «

i number to the

name of the imported object. Changes made to source objects (induding data in tables) will not be reflected in the cu

nent database,

© ¡Link to the data source by creating a linked table.;

Access will create a table that will maintain a link to the source data, Changes made to the data in Access will be refle

icted in the

i OK 1

| Cancel |

3. On the Select Data Source screen (Figure 18.51), type a name for the data source and click New to create a new DSN name.

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