Selecting the authentication type.

C reate a New Data Source to SQL Server |«£3w|

How should SQL Server verify the authenticity of the login ID?


a* With Windows NT authentication using the netwoik login ID.

With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password entered by the user.

To change the network library used to communicate with SQL Server, click Client Configuration.

Client Configuration...

rj\ Connect to SQL Server to obtain default settings for the additional configuration options.

Login ID: | Helen Feddema

Password: |

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9. On the next screen, depicted in Figure 18.57, check the "Change the default database to' checkbox, and select the SQL Server database you want to connect to.

FIGURE 18.57

Selecting the SQL Server database.

FIGURE 18.57

If the database you want to connect to doesn't appear in the "Change the default database to" drop-down list, type in the database name, check the "Attach database filename" checkbox, and type in the full file path and name for the database .mdf file in the "Attach database filename" textbox.

10. The settings on the screen shown in Figure 18.58 can generally be left at their defaults.

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