The SQL Server executable in the Add a Program dialog.

Add a Prograrr

Select the program you want to add, or dick Browse to find one that is not listed, and then dick OK,

Remote Process Viewer


^jf Remote Registry Editor

Remote Spy

^Remote Zoom In

¿i Screen Shot Standard 8



¡fjj Spider Solitaire


SQL Server Error and Usage Reporting

,Jj^SQL Server Surface Area Configuration

[■jlsqlservr.exe T

J : program Filestylicrosoft SQL Server WSSQL | Browse..,

J : program Filestylicrosoft SQL Server WSSQL | Browse..,

8. Click OK, and you should see sqlserver.exe in the list of Exceptions.

9. Next, browse for the SQL Server Browser service, file name sqlbrowser.exe, probably located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared, and click OK to add it to the list of exceptions (Figure 18.24).

The SQL Server executable and browser in the list of firewall exceptions.

Exceptions control how programs communicate through Windows Firewall, Add a program or port exception to allow communications through the firewall.

Windows Firewall is currently using settings for the private network location.

What are the risks of unblocking a program?

To enable an exception, select its check box: Program or port *

□ Remote Volume Management

□ Routing and Remote Access 0sqlbrowser.exe 0sqlservr.exe

0 Sync Services Port

□ Windows Collaboration Computer Name Registration Service

□ Windows Firewall Remote Management

ö Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) ^

□ Windows Media Player

□ Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service

□ Windows Meeting Space

0 Windows Mobile-based device connectivity

1 Add program,..

Add port.,,

1 Properties ]


[V] Notify me when Windows Firewafl biod^ a new program

[V] Notify me when Windows Firewafl biod^ a new program

Depending on what security software you have installed, you may have to deal with one or more other security warnings when attempting to connect to SQL Server. On my system, when attempting to connect to SQL Server in my Windows XP partition I get a message (Figure 18.25) from the Symantec Internet Worm Protection component of Norton Antivirus (even when connecting to SQL Server on the same computer!), and I have to click OK to proceed with the connection.

If your front-end database needs to connect to SQL Server running on another computer on the same network (a common scenario), this warning pops up on the server machine — this may be a show-stopper, unless the client and server machines are side by side on your desktop. Otherwise, you may not be able to rush over to the server computer in time to click OK on the security alert before the connection attempt times out, and thus you won't be able to connect to SQL Server on the client machine.

if Windows Firewall Settings

General | Exceptions [ Advanced J

Other Security Roadblocks

0 0

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