The Add-ins page of the Access Options dialog.

Current Databas


Object Designer





\ Location


Active Application Add-ins

SCreate Main Menu StFind and Replace C&hange Menu Picture

Refresh Lookup SiTabies Rename fltForm Controls Rename &Report Controls Rename Database ¿¿Objects

&\,,,icrosoft\Addlns\Menu Manager.mda C\,,, Data\Microsoft\Ad<flns\ Replacedmde C:\,,,icrosoft\Addlns\Menu Manager.mda

C:\,,,icrosoft\Addlns\Menu Manager.mda C\,,, a\Mi cro soft\AddIn s\LN C Ren a me, m d a C:\, ,,a\Micro softVAddln sUNC Rename, mda Q\,,, a\Mi cro softVAddln s\LN C Ren a me, m d a

COM Add-in Access Add-in

Inactive Application Add-ins

LNC Control Renaming

Microsoft Office 12,0 Access Database Engin

C5\,,,oft\AddIns\LNC Control Renaming.dll e Conflict Resolver C\„,Microsoft Office\Officel2\ACECNF.DLL

COM Add-in COM Add-in

Document Related Add-ins

No Document Belated Add-ins

Disabled Application Add-ins

No DHailed Application Aan-lris

5. On clicking OK, you will see the old COM Add-Ins dialog, the same as in Access 2003, as shown in Figure 13.11.

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