A PivotChart with contrasting color bars and a dark background.

Quarterly Sales by Category


* Condiments

■ Confections

" Dairy Product

* Grains/Cereals

* Produce ■Seafood

■ H I Sheetl / qiyQuarterlySalesfiyCategoiy ( I


creating PivotCharts.

The four styles you most recently selected appear in the top row of the Chart Styles group, so they are always available for one-click selection.

■ El if? Excel 2007 has a new feature: Chart templates. However, these templates only work &!iffe©BCflai3- with standard charts, not PivotCharts, so unfortunately they are no use when

The bar charts produced in this section are only a small selection of the PivotChart types you can produce in Excel, based on Access data. The six most popular chart types are shown in the Charts group of the Insert tab on the Ribbon, shown in Figure 12.21.

FIGURE 12.21

The six most popular Excel chart types.

FIGURE 12.21

The six most popular Excel chart types.

To see all the available chart types, click the Other Charts command, then the All Chart Types command at the bottom of the drop-down chart palette, as shown in Figure 12.22.

FIGURE 12.22

Selecting the All Charts command to see all the Excel chart types.

FIGURE 12.22

The Create Chart dialog opened by the All Charts command is shown in Figure 12.23.

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