The Windows XP Security Center.

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$ Security Center

Help protect your PC

ÉfJ) Resources *J

Security Essentials

■ Get the latest security and vims information from Microsoft

The Security Center is currently unavailable because the "Security Center" service has not started or was stopped, Please dose this window, restart the computer (or start the "Security Center" service), and then open the Security Center again,

■ Check for Ihe latest updates from Windows Update

Manage security settings for:

■ Get support for security-related

^ Automatic Updates Internet Options

■ Get help about Security Center

Windows Firewall

■ Change the way Security Center

2. Click the Exceptions tab.

3. Click the Add Programs button.

4. SQL Server will probably not appear on the list of programs available for selection on the Add a Program screen, so click the Browse button, as shown in Figure 18.14.

The Add a Program dialog for selecting an exception to the Windows XP firewall.

To allow communications with a program by adding it to the Exceptions list, select the program, or click Browse to search for one that is not listed

% Speed Disk


JJ Spider Solitaire

jLjSpybot - Search & Destroy

SQLServer Error and Usage Reporting

¿\jSQL Server Surface Area Configuration

& Start MyDVD

^Street Alas USA2003

T T-Mobile Dialer

^TurboTax Deluxe 2005

Ij^TurboTax Its Deductible 2005

¿QTurboTax Update


Path: F:\Blue Squirrel\ClickBook\addpririter.exe

Path: F:\Blue Squirrel\ClickBook\addpririter.exe

Change scope...

5. First, browse for the SQL Server file sqlservr.exe, which is probably located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Binn (Figure 18.15).

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