Exporting Access Data to Outlook Items

Apart from exporting whole contact, task, or appointment records to Outlook, you may need to create new Outlook items on the fly, as the data in your Access tables changes, using code running from event procedures or macros. For example, if you have a database of project-related information, you can create project task reminders in the form of email messages filled with data from an Access table, or Outlook tasks or appointments triggered by changes in data stored in the Access tables.

You can use the legacy SendObject command to create email messages (it's in some of the embedded macros on the forms imported from the new Microsoft sample databases discussed later on in the chapter), but SendObject only allows you to set a few properties of a standard Outlook mail message, and thus won't do the job if you need to create a mail message based on a custom form, or you want to set built-in properties that are not arguments of the SendObject command.

Alternatively, the Export group on the External Data tab of the new Ribbon offers many choices for exporting Access data, but curiously, as you can see in Figure 8.1, there is no selection for exporting to Outlook.

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