Access Addins

In previous versions of Office, COM add-ins had an advantage compared to Access add-ins: you could place a button on any menu or toolbar, whereas Access menu add-ins only appeared on the Add-ins menu. Although VB 6 COM add-ins do work in Access 2007, they have lost this advantage over Access add-ins, because all commands created by a COM add-in now appear in the Toolbar Commands group of the Add-Ins tab of the Ribbon, not in the appropriate group or tab of the Ribbon.

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r™^*5™^™®™™" nique is discussed in Chapter 15.

Compared to COM add-ins, Access add-ins have several extra features: you can create not only menu add-ins, but also wizards of various types, and builders; this lets you add functionality to different locations in an Access database. In Access 2000 through 2003, you could create wizards that would appear as extra choices on the New Form dialog, though in Access 2007 this must now be done using XML to modify the Ribbon. However, property builders that run from various properties still work fine in Access 2007 (at least if you are running Windows XP), so my LNC Rename add-in can be run from the Name property of a control to rename an individual control; this functionality can't be duplicated in a COM add-in.

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