Using Optional Arguments

At times, you may want to supply an additional value to a function. Let's say you have a function that calculates the price of a meal per person. Sometimes, however, you'd like the function to perform the same calculation for a group of two or more people. To indicate that a procedure argument isn't always required, you precede the name of the argument with the Optional keyword. Arguments that are optional come at the end of the argument list, following the names of all the required arguments. Optional arguments must always be the Variant data type. This means that you can't specify the Optional argument's type by using the As keyword.

In the preceding section, you created a function to calculate the average of three numbers. Suppose that sometimes you would like to use this function to calculate the average of two numbers. You could define the third argument of the MyAverage function as optional. To preserve the original MyAverage function, let's create the Avg function to calculate the average for two or three numbers.

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