To use Access 2003 Programming by Example with VBA, XML, and ASP, you don't need any programming experience. The only prerequisite is that you already know how to manually design an Access database and perform database tasks by creating and running various types of queries. This book also assumes that you know how to create more complex forms with embedded subforms, combo boxes, and other built-in controls. If you don't have these skills, there are countless books on the market that can teach you step by step how to build simple databases or use the sample Northwind database that comes with Microsoft Access. If you do meet these criteria, this book will take you to the Access programming level by example. You will gain a working knowledge immediately by performing concrete tasks and without having to read long descriptions of concepts. A true learning by example begins with the first step, followed by the next step, and the next one, and so on. By the time you complete all of the steps in a hands-on or custom project, you should be able to effectively apply the same technique again and again in your own database projects.

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