For many years now, Microsoft Access has allowed users all over the world to design and develop Windows-based database applications. Microsoft Office Access 2003 continues to be the world's most popular database. This book is for people who have already mastered the use of Microsoft Access databases and now are ready for the next step — programming. Access 2003 Programming by Example with VBA, XML, and ASP takes non-programmers through the detailed steps of creating Access databases from scratch and then shows them how to retrieve and manage their data programmatically using various programming languages and techniques. With this book at hand, users can quickly build the toolset required for developing their own database solutions. This book proves that, given the right approach, programming an Access database from scratch and controlling it via programming code can be as easy as designing and maintaining databases with Access built-in tools. Anyone interested in learning how to get started with VBA programming in Access will benefit from this book's 303 hands-on examples and 11 step-by-step projects.

This book gives a practical overview of many programming languages and techniques necessary in programming and maintaining today's Access databases.

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