HandsOn Writing the Form CommandExecute Event Procedure

1. In the Visual Basic Editor window, double-click Form_Sales Analysis Subform 1.

2. The Code window shows several event procedures you prepared earlier in this chapter. Enter the following Form_CommandExecute event procedure below the last procedure code.

Private Sub Form_CommandExecute(ByVal Command As Variant) If Command = OWC11.plCommandCopy Then

MsgBox "You just copied some data to the clipboard."

End If End Sub

3. To test the above event procedure, open Sales Analysis Subform 1 in Form view. Because you've already created several event procedures for this form, various events will be triggered. Respond appropriately to the prompts. Once the form is opened, right-click any amount in the detail rows in the PivotTable and choose Copy from the shortcut menu. After choosing the Copy command you should see the message informing you that the text was copied to the clipboard.

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