HandsOn Using the After Update Event Procedure for the Combo Box Control

1. Make sure that the frmDataEntryMain form is open in Design view.

2. Right-click the list box control to the right of the Site ID label and choose Build Event from the shortcut menu.

3. In the Code window, choose the AfterUpdate event from the Procedure drop-down box and set a breakpoint on the first line of this procedure.

4. Switch to Form view of the frmDataEntryMain form and make another selection from the Site ID combo box. When the Code window appears in Break mode, step through the code line by line by pressing F8. Notice that the following three event procedures are run:

Event Programming in Forms and Reports cboSiteId_BeforeUpdate cboSiteId_AfterUpdate cboRoom_Enter

5. When the procedure finishes executing, activate the frmDataEntryMain form.

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