HandsOn Exploring Accesss Constants

1. In the Visual Basic Editor window, choose View | Object Browser.

2. In the Project/Library list box, click the drop-down arrow and select the Access library.

3. Enter constants as the search text in the Search Text box and either press Enter or click the Search button. Visual Basic shows the results of the search in the Search Results area. The right side of the Object Browser window displays a list of all built-in constants available in the Microsoft Access Object Library. Notice that the names of all the constants begin with the prefix "ac."

4. To look up VBA constants, choose VBA in the Project/Library list box. Notice that the names of the VBA built-in constants begin with the prefix "vb."

Part I

Figure 3-1: Use the Object Browser to look up any intrinsic constant.

Hands-On 3-12 illustrates how to use the intrinsic constants acFilterByForm and acFilterAdvanced to disable execution of filtering on a form.

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