Events Recognized by Controls

In addition to the events for forms and reports introduced in Chapters 24 and 25, you can control a great many events that occur for labels, text boxes, combo and list boxes, option buttons, check boxes, and other controls installed by default with an Access application. These events make it possible to manage what happens on a field level.

The best way to learn about events that a form, report, and/or control can respond to is to develop an application that addresses a specific problem. The downloadable files for this book contain a form that is used for data entry and lookup purposes. The subject of the Asset Management form is keeping track of computer assets in numerous schools within a school district. We will use this form to further experiment with event programming. The form is divided into four easy-to-maintain sections as illustrated in Figure 26-1.

School Data Entry Form
Figure 26-1: Custom data entry form.

Event Programming in Forms and Reports

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