Creating and Accessing Tables and Fields with ADO

To get going with your database design, you will need to access objects contained in the ADOX library. The full name of this library is ActiveX Data Object Extensions for DDL and Security. To use ADOX in your VBA procedures, choose Tools | References from your Visual Basic Editor screen and select Microsoft ADO Ext. 2.7 for DDL and Security. The ADOX Object Model is an extension of the ADODB library and is illustrated in Figure 11-1.

In this chapter you will use the ADOX library to programmatically create tables and add new fields.

AD OK Object Model

The following diagram illustrates how objects are represented and refated in ADOX- For more information about a specific object or collection, see the specific reference topic, or ADOX Objects and ADOX Collections.

Catalog |

Tables I—I Table

Lj Groups I_I Group

Procedures]—] Procedure ]


L| Command"!

Each of the Table. Index, and Column objects also has a standard ADO Properties collection. I Table ]

I Index

Figure 11-1: ADOX Object Model.

Creating and Manipulating Databases with ADO

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