Creating a User Account

Establishing database security at a user level is more involved than setting a database password. It requires that you create group and user accounts and assign permissions to groups and users to perform operations on various database objects. Use the CREATE USER statement to create a new user account. Specify the user name to log in to the account followed by the required password and a personal identifier (PID) to make the account unique. The syntax of creating a user account looks like this:

CREATE USER userLoginName password PID

You can create more than one user account at a time by separating the user names with a comma.

The procedure in Hands-On 22-3 sets up a new user account for GeorgeM with "fisherman" as the login password and "0302" as the PID. While this example procedure uses a simple PID number, in the production environment, the PID number you choose should be from 4 to 20 characters long (preferably a combination of numbers and uppercase and lowercase characters that are difficult for someone to guess).

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