Chapter Summary

This chapter has introduced you to the world of web development by using a server-side scripting technology from Microsoft known as Active Server Pages (ASP). You learned how by using a subset of VBA, VBScript, you can quickly extract data from a database and present it to a user in a standard HTML page. You also learned how to submit Action queries to insert, update, and delete a database record. You've seen two coding styles: one that mixes HTML and script commands, and one that returns HTML text to the browser by using the ASP built-in object Response and its Write method. By working through several hands-on examples, you've seen that making your application web-ready is not rocket science. ASP scripts are quite easy to write if you understand VBA statements and have already worked with ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). Although it was easy to get started, this chapter did not attempt to teach you all there is to know about HTML, ASP, or VBScript. If you decide to move into the lucrative world of web development, you should learn more about these

Part V

subjects. Numerous books and articles have been written on the topics we've only touched on in this chapter, as well as many other topics that are necessary to create truly functional Internet applications.

In the next chapter, you explore another Internet technology known as Extensible Markup Language (XML) and learn how it is integrated with Microsoft Office Access 2003.

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