Nobody works alone. In order for this book to become a reality, I had to enlist the help of numerous individuals. For example, while I was sleeping, far away in Hawaii Tana-Lee Rebhan was proofreading and testing all the hands-on exercises and custom projects that had just been written. She was the first person to see what went into this book, and her honest comments made me actually change a number of things to make this book easier to understand from a reader's standpoint. We worked so well as a team that we've decided to work together on future projects. Thank you, Tana-Lee, for showing up in my professional life!

When after several months of hard work by our Julittana team the book was finally finished, the manuscript was sent over to the folks at Wordware Publishing. Martha McCuller had her hands full having to do the first edit and the design of hundreds of pages of not-so-easy technical stuff. Martha's edits helped make this book even friendlier. While Martha was busy editing and designing, Denise McEvoy was desktop publishing and Alan McCuller was designing the book cover. These two people have used the best of their artistic skills to make this book visually pleasing. And when the page proofs were ready, Beth Kohler, senior editor, took over. I cannot begin to tell you how important Beth's final edits and comments were to the success of this book. And this entire book project was coordinated by publisher Wes Beckwith. I appreciate very much Wes's patience and understanding of all the obstacles that one faces in every endeavor, not to mention writing a book. Thanks, everyone!

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