VBA for Excel Help

VBA contains a large number of built-in Help files which can be very useful both as a learning tool and a reference for information. Help can be invoked by using the Help option from the VBE, or by invoking the Help Assistant (the [F1] key). The Help dialog box, will appear (see Figure 3.13). The structure and layout of VBA Help is similar to help provided by other Windows applications in that it contains: Contents, Answer Wizard and Index tabs.

Figure 3.13 The VBA Help Contents Display

The Contents tab gives an on-line user manual type structure. When first selected a table of contents is displayed and you can click and move down to the section of interest. The Answer Wizard tab lets you enter a phrase and provide a topic list which you can choose from. The Index tab is used when you have a keyword name and wish to find further information. Again a list is provided of relevant topics. A sample Help screen is shown in Figure 3.14. Many concepts contain examples of their use. You are strongly advised to get familiar with the VBA Help system for it could prove to be very useful as you acquire VBA programming skills.

ure 3.14 A sample Help screen from the VBE

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