The Toolbox

The Toolbox contains a number of controls that you can use during design time. These are similar to the Control toolbox on the View menu. When you select a control from the toolbox, you can position and resize it as with all Windows programs by using the mouse. The available controls are:

for pointing and selecting controls

Label - generally used for prompting Textbox input.

TextBox - for collecting user input, e.g. a person's name or address.

ComboBox - lets you select an item from a list or type an item which is not on the list.

ListBox - lets the user select one or more items from a list. CheckBox - can be checked or unchecked to turn options on or off. OptionButton or RadioButton - lets the user select one and only one item from a list.

ToggleButton - shows the user whether an item is selected. Frame - used to group together a set of related controls. CommandButton - when clicked will trigger some event. TabStrip - lets you view different sets of information for related controls.

MultiPage - presents multiple screens of information as a single set. ScrollBar - lets the user set numeric values.

SpinButton - can b e used to scroll through a range of v alues or a list of items, or to change the value displayed in a text box.

Image - used for adding an Image to a form.

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