Structured English pseudocode

Structured English is an informal language that helps the programmer to 'think out' the actual program steps before actually writing in a formal programming language such as VBA. Structured English is similar to everyday English and therefore is a useful step before translation to VBA code. It is not a programming language and its purpose is to aid code writing. This means that you don't need to be precise with structured English because it is not proper computer code. Also, include executable statements only when writing in structured English. The previous program that updates monthly sales is written in structured English as shown in Listing 3.2.

Listing 3.2 Structured English version of Listing 3.1

Unprotect the Weekly Sales sheet Select and Copy the End_month_sales range Select the sales_to_date range and Paste in the Value of the copied cells Clear the Contents of the Week_sales range Increment month_no Protect the Weekly Sales sheet End pseudocode

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  • svetlana
    How to write vb program in structured english?
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