This book is about Visual Basic for Applications with Excel (VBA). VBA is one of many programming languages. This chapter provides the reader with a general understanding of programming languages and their evolution. If you know how and why programming concepts have evolved in the way in which they have, then you will have a better understanding of the way that basis tenets of computer programming fit together. In so doing, you should have enough to acquire and continue the development of programming skills.

Readers who already have some understanding of computing software might skip parts, or all, of this chapter. Those who don't will find this chapter useful in that it provides a meaning to many concepts that are explored in later chapters. The chapter looks at the historical development of hardware and software and briefly describes the evolution of VBA and Excel as well as introducing the reader to some of the jargon they will encounter in the world of programming. This should provide a good foundation for many of the concepts that the student will meet in later chapters.

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