I would like to thank my colleagues at South Bank University for their general support and comments. In particular, Dr Val Flynn and Kemi Adeboye. Many thanks also to Ian Edmonds whose excellent SBDS unit inspired this book. I would also like to thank the series editor Peter McBride for his invaluable support and help with this project and also Mike Cash, the publisher of the Made Simple series at Elsevier Publishing for his useful suggestions during the writing of this book. Finally, thanks to my wife Janice and to my three daughters Katie, Amy and Rhiannon for their patience and understanding during those many hours spent typing away at the keyboard.

To: Katie, Amy and Rhiannon

1 Computers and VBA

Introduction 2

Hardware and software 3

A brief history of computers 4

Microcomputer incompatibilities . . .7

Software and its evolution 8

Programming languages 12

Basic, Visual Basic and Excel 17

Visual Basic for Applications 19

Exercises 21

0 0

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