Working with Range Objects

In This Chapter

^ Finding out more about Range objects ^ Understanding the various ways of referring to ranges ^ Discovering some of the more useful Range object properties ^ Uncovering some of the more useful Range object methods f n Chapter 4, I run the risk of overwhelming you with an introduction to Excel's object model. In that chapter, I also run through the basics of properties and methods. Additionally, I dig a bit deeper and take a closer look at Range objects. Why do you need to know so much about Range objects? Because much of the programming work you do in Excel focuses on Range objects. You can thank me later.

A Quick Review

A Range object represents a range contained in a Worksheet object. A Range object can be as small as a single cell or as large as every cell on a worksheet (A1:IV65536 or 16,777,216 cells).

You can refer to a Range object like this:

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