The Options tab

Figure 19-4 shows the Options tab of the Customize dialog box. The options on this tab control how both menus and toolbars behave. The options that affect toolbars are as follows:

Figure 19-4:

The Options tab of the Customize dialog box.

Figure 19-4:

The Options tab of the Customize dialog box.

1 Using one row for two toolbars: You can save a little bit of valuable screen space by removing the checkmark from the Show Standard and Formatting Toolbars on Two Rows check box to force Excel to stuff both toolbars on a single row. Go ahead with this if you're running your system at a high screen resolution; you can get more on the screen horizontally. However, you may not want to choose this option if you're running in a lower screen resolution.

1 Showing full menus: Perhaps one of Microsoft's dumbest ideas is adaptive menus. In other words, the software hides menu items that are not used frequently. I've never met anyone who likes this. If you find that your menus seem to be missing some commands, select the Always Show Full Menus check box.

1 Changing the icon size: To change the size of the icons used in toolbars, select or deselect the Large Icons check box. This option affects only the images in buttons. Buttons that contain only text (such as buttons in a menu) are not changed.

ii Display fancy font names: Some people like the feature for which the drop-down Font list on the Formatting toolbar shows names using the actual font; others despise it. The List Font Names In Their Font check box controls whether Excel does this. Personally, I think using the fonts slows down Excel if you're working with a lot of fonts.

i Toggling the ScreenTips display: ScreenTips are the pop-up messages that display the button names when you pause the mouse pointer over a button. If you find the ScreenTips distracting, deselect the Show ScreenTips on Toolbars check box.

i Changing the menu animations: When you select a menu, Excel animates its menu display. Choose whichever animation style you prefer.

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