Text Box control

A TextBox control lets the user enter text. Figure 17-16 shows a dialog box with two TextBox controls.

Figure 17-16:

TextBox controls.

Figure 17-16:

TextBox controls.

The following is a description of the most useful TextBox control properties:

1 AutoSize: If True, the control adjusts its size automatically, depending on the amount of text.

i ControlSource: The address of a cell that contains the text in the TextBox.

i IntegralHeight: If True, the TextBox height adjusts automatically to display full lines of text when the list is scrolled vertically. If False, the TextBox may display partial lines of text when it is scrolled vertically.

1 MaxLength: The maximum number of characters allowed in the TextBox. If 0, the number of characters is unlimited.

1 MultiLine: If True, the TextBox can display more than one line of text.

i TextAlign: Determines how the text is aligned in the TextBox.

1 WordWrap: Determines whether the control allows word wrap.

1 ScrollBars: Determines the type of scroll bars for the control: horizontal, vertical, both, or none.

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