Testing the application

Every computer user encounters software bugs. In most cases, such problems result from insufficient testing, which fails to catch all the bugs.

«cjABEft After you create your application, you need to test it. This step is crucial and you might spend as much time testing and debugging an application as you do creating the application in the first place. Actually, you should test extensively during the development phase. After all, while you write a VBA routine or create formulas in a worksheet, you want to make sure that the application works as it should.

Try to recruit one or more users to help with the testing. I've found that using a few good beta testers is an excellent way to uncover problems that I have overlooked.

Although you can't test for all possibilities, your macros should handle common types of errors. Some examples:

i What if the user enters a text string instead of a value? i What if the user cancels a dialog box without making any selections? i What happens if the user presses Ctrl+F6 and jumps to the next window?

As you gain experience, issues like these become second nature and you account for them with little effort.

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